Opportunities for school students

Many school and university students - both from Bavaria and from all over the world from Europe to Asia - visit the Fraunhofer EMFT every year to learn about the research work conducted at the institution. The young visitors are not only interested in the techno­logies and current research topics, they are also keen to find out about scientists' assignments and working conditions.

tech caching Parcours

The tech caching stations can be adapted and used for girls of different ages. The main aim of the stations is to address girls at a young age so as to lay a lasting foundation for an interest in MINT topics early on. This is also in line with the idea of offering MINT motivation programs for girls before they opt for subjects at the end of 6th grade, as is the case at lower secondary schools, for example.

Career orientation week

Fraunhofer EMFT offers 5-day work experience place­ments for school students. The career orientation week offers the opportunity to get a first-hand impression of the institution's work and the everyday working lives of scientists with a mixture of talks and practical tasks in the lab.

Girls' Day

Working in a laboratory - what does a scientist do? Why do you need microelectronics? Small, smaller, the smallest - tiny pumps for microdosing. Working in a clean room - why is cleanliness so important? Screen printing: art in the laboratory - is that even possible? Building an electronic brush robot: crimping, soldering, how do you connect electronic systems with each other? On Girls' Day you can find out all this together with our scientists.

Work placement

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft engineers help to shape tomorrow's world. But research needs young talents, boys and girls studying natural sciences and engineering subjects from a fresh perspective. A working placement offers the opportunity  to get an inside look in the world of research work.

Talent School

The focus of the Talent School is project-oriented work in a team within workshops. The school students develop joint solutions for tasks from the different topic areas of modern research.