Work placement for school students

Promotion of young scientists

Fraunhofer EMFT has promoted the development of up-and-coming specialists in the area of science and technology for over 15 years. The institution has been a member of the "National MINT Pact - more women in MINT careers" since 2009, offering young people an insight into the prospects offered by technical professions in terms of training and university study (MINT = math, IT, science and technology).

Particular emphasis is given to addressing girls and young women. For example, 25 high school students from St. Dominikus upper secondary school in Karlsruhe were invited to visit Fraunhofer EMFT on May 12, 2014. The young women were given insights into the areas of microsystems engineering and biosystem integration. They were also provided with an explanation of the application areas of Fraunhofer EMFT developments.