Compact and energy-efficient power semiconductors


© Fraunhofer EMFT
Visual inspection of a silicon wafer

Compact and energy-efficient power electronics is a key technology in being able to face up to the central challenges of our age – such as climate change, energy supply, nutrition, health and demographic change. The ECSEL project POWERBASE involves 39 partners all over Europe, including Fraunhofer EMFT, who are collaborating on a new generation of compact and energy-efficient power semiconductors. Two approaches are essentially pursued here. Firstly, the development of silicon technologies is being advanced based on cutting-edge 300 mm power semiconductor technologies. The second focus area is the development of new gallium nitride power semiconductor technologies suitable for mass production.

Fraunhofer EMFT is responsible for the detailed analysis of high-impedance 300 mm silicon substrates and partially processed components, looking at defects in the volume semiconductor and at the interfaces between the components. The aim is for the results to point the way forward to a diverse range of more energy-efficient products such as LED lighting systems, solar inverters and charging devices.


The project is funded under the European research program HORIZON 2020 (grant agreement no. 662133) and by the BMBF.