Microwave spectroscopic analysis of liquids


Among other factors, the physical and chemical properties of many liquids are influenced by temperature. This is why for some applications, in the field of medicine for example, it is important to be able to measure and stabilize the parameter of temperature.

In the project Glucosense Fraunhofer EMFT researchers joined forces with the companies Infineon AG and eesy-innovation GmbH to develop a measuring station that allows the temperature of liquids to be set precisely to ±0.01 K and subjected to very exact and reproducible analysis by means of microwave spectroscopy.

The automated measuring set-up was designed at Fraunhofer EMFT and realized in cooperation with Bundeswehr University Munich. The measurements carried out with a vector network analyzer (Keysight PNA N5247A) in the 110 GHz range on sample fluids showed the absolute necessity of temperature stabilization. In addition, it was possible to clearly detect foreign substances that had been introduced to the liquid such as sugar.


  • Infineon AG
  • eesy-innovation GmbH
  • The University of German Armed Forces in Munich



Glucosense was conducted as part of the BMBF-funded project NextGen.