Sensor nodes and their networking for digital production


© Fraunhofer EMFT
Multifunctional communication board (NFC, USB, BLE) for reading digitally networked sensor nodes (Cooperation Würth Elektronik eiSos/Fraunhofer EMFT)

Sensors have a key role to play in the Internet of Things, but they have to become more effective and cost-efficient in future in order to keep up with dynamic developments in this area. One critical point is the networking of the sensors: IoT applications in particular require the assembly of numerous cables and connectors. These components are sufficiently reliable but much too expensive for mass consumer markets. Wireless connectivity is not an option in many cases: the main obstacles are the energy supply to the sensor nodes and the often inadequate signal coverage in buildings (due to isolation by metal objects, for example).

In the project SensNet Fraunhofer EMFT researchers are therefore developing new concepts and experimentally verifying them so as to integrate sensors in a hierarchical information chain – from the detection of physical parameters through to data processing in a big data cloud environment. The sensors are to be networked effectively enough to be able to operate largely independently.


The project is supported by the funding initiative Bayern Digital (reference: BD002/001).