System integration technologies for multifunctional, foil-based electronic systems


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Aligned laminated foil components on carrier substrate

Electronic systems in the age of IoT have to be able to offer enhanced functionality as well as a high degree of connectivity capability, energy efficiency and reliability. For this reason, the usually heterogeneous components have to be integrated within an increasingly small space. In order to further increase the innovation dynamic in microelectronics by means of this multifunctionality, fundamental technologies have to be developed further for the purpose of system integration and harnessed for the industrial manufacture of future electronic systems.

Under the joint project ADAMOS, Fraunhofer EMFT researchers are collaborating with partners from science and industry to create new system integration technologies for multi-functional foil-based electronic systems. For this purpose they are investigating and developing an adaptive laser structuring method for chip contacting and adapting roll-to-roll lithography to sensor strips that are several meters long. The success of the project is to be demonstrated by integrating sensor modules on foil strips for autonomous sensor nodes and flow measurements on wind turbines as well as functional chip-foil systems for fluidic applications in medical technology.

Fraunhofer EMFT is making its reel-to-reel foil technology available to this joint project and is realizing chip integration for the three technology demonstrators by means of the new adaptive laser lithography.


The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, reference: 16ES0727).