Range of Technologies

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Spray coating on the SÜSS Gamma

An extensive infrastructure, a broad range of technologies and a well-developed network of partners in industry as well as among research institutes, universities and public-sector organizations make Fraunhofer EMFT an attractive partner in research and development, of interest to small and mediumsized companies as well as larger-scale industrial enterprises. Marketing the results of research is generally the responsibility of the corporate partner. Since 2007 Fraunhofer EMFT has also offered hightech companies the opportunity to hire its high-quality facilities (such as cleanrooms, laboratories and equipment). Several companies have taken this opportunity and entered into strategic cooperation with Fraunhofer EMFT. The offering includes:

  • CMOS/MEMS-line (200 mm, structural resolution up to 0.35 μm)
  • 200 mm lithography cluster
  • MEMS-line for non-CMOS compatible processes
  • Substrate processing
  • Application of large-area electronics and flexible substrates to foil sheets and using the reel-to-reel method
  • Assembly and interconnection technologies including heterogeneous system integration
  • Microbiological laboratory
  • Analytics and material characterization
  • Analysis and testing

Additionally Fraunhofer EMFT can offer layout design and comprehensive process characterization. These technologies enable development of sensors, actuators, special components as well as circuits. The services offering of Fraunhofer EMFT includes the following single processes as well as the resulting process sequences. In cooperation with our customers we also develop new processes and technologies on our equipment.