Research in times of Corona

Research thrives on trying out new things - in times of Corona this statement takes on a whole new meaning

Fraunhofer EMFT researcher in her home office
© Harshitha Basavaraju (Fraunhofer EMFT)
Some of our researchers have taken their work home with them, far away from the labs.

We are asking today: Can chips also be designed at home? 

Yes, says Harshitha Basavaraju! Just like you and me she had to improvise setting up a home office to continue designing microchips. Her work in the field of circuit design is something she can keep doing in her living room. Therefore, she can keep the deadline for the so-called tape-out in April. (In electronics design, tape-out is the final result of the design process for integrated or printed circuit boards before they are sent for manufacturing).

But let’s be honest, even if it sounds very smooth, Harshitha Basavaraju had some struggles too:

The first few days she found time management quite challenging  – recon yourself? Exactly, she also often found herself working too long or at irregular working times. But now she’s fixed her routine to bifurcate work and personal time. Despite the virtual meetings with her team she misses the face to face conversations and regular exchange of ideas at workplace and looks forward to meeting her colleagues at Fraunhofer EMFT after the corona crisis is over.