Business Areas

Business areas

Fraunhofer EMFT has grouped its research and development programs into five business areas geared towards optimizing human living space and the natural environment.

Sensor Materials

The Fraunhofer EMFT business area Sensor Materials develops sensor dyes and pigments which indicate the presence of specific substances by means of changes in color or fluorescence. These novel sensor materials are both sensitive and selective, offering enormous potential for the detection of chemical and biological parameters.

Silicon Technologies and Devices

The Fraunhofer EMFT business area Silicon Technologies and Devices offers its customers a universal portfolio of services: from process development through to design and production of components and even the creation of sensor nodes for complex systems. This business area targets the development of new types of sensors for parameters not yet addressed by the market.

Micro Dosing Systems

Fraunhofer EMFT offers its customers individually tailored microdosing solutions for varied applications. These range from the design of individual parts and systems through to component development and the realization of entire micro dosing systems, including transfer to products suitable for industrial production. There are currently two technology platforms available for the development and production of microfluidic actuators.

Flexible Systems

The business area "Flexible Systems" produces ultrathin components, such as sensors and integrated circuits, and incorporates these in entire systems on foil. The development portfolio ranges from large-area, flexible wiring systems, three-dimensional assembly and connection systems through to printed circuits and systems.

Circuits & Systems

Fraunhofer EMFT offers its customers individually tailored solutions ranging from circuit design through system integration to reliability assessment. Hereby technologies developed by Fraunhofer EMFT, as well as commercially available technologies, are utilized and adapted to the customers’ needs. The Leitmotif in this business unit is the duality of simulation and experiment.