Fraunhofer EMFT clusters its research and development activities into five interlinked and mutually supportive competences.

Functional Molecules

The Functional Molecules competence is essential for development of molecules and particles with new properties and extended functionalities, and integrating them into various substances. The relevant receptor groups are applied to the sensor materials, and react selectively and sensitively with the defined analyte.

Silicon Technologies, Device and 3D Integration

In the competence area Silicon Technologies, Device and 3D Integration, the main focus is on making sensor systems smaller, more efficient and multifunctional, so as to enable new areas of application.


Piezoelectrically driven micropumps are the core components of micro dosing systems. The Fraunhofer EMFT research team has a long-term experience as well as practical knowledge in this field, especially concerning the design of micropumps.

Foil Technologies

Competence in foil technologies is elementary for designing and building flexible systems. An important area of competence is heterogeneous system integration. This means combining various materials and technologies, in order to provide innovative and efficient solutions for the production of flexible systems.

Design, Test & System Integration

The ability to design, develop and test demonstrators, prototypes and systems enables the Fraunhofer EMFT scientists to illustrate potential application scenarios for the technologies and components developed at the institution, and forms the foundation of the service offering of the business area Circuits & Systems.