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Microdosing system for tumor therapy

Piezoelectrically driven micropumps are the core components of micro dosing systems. Technological requirements like exact dosing, back pressure capability, miniaturized and flat design, low energy consumption, particle resistance, bubble tolerance and free flow protection require a number of technological solutions. The Fraunhofer EMFT research team has a long-term experience as well as practical knowledge in this field, especially concerning the design of micropumps.

The competence area micropumps includes the following fields of technology:

Design of micropumps

  • design methodology, including the influence of practical interferences
  • comprehensive libraries of analytic models, FEM models and system simulation

Established technology platforms for low-risk implementation

  • Silicon development platform
  • Metal Development platform
  • Assembly platform for piezo ceramics including parallel tests

Integration of micropumps into systems

  • Library of control electronics
  • Wide range of flow sensors and dosing monitoring
  • Handling of particles and bubbles