Micropumps for gas sensors in smartphones

Many smartphones already comprise sensors for environmental parameters like CO2, humidity or temperature. A small micropump supplying the sensors within the mobile device with ambient air can reduce the sensor response time significantly and improve the measurement results.


Fraunhofer EMFT micro diaphragm pumps


20 x reaction time improvement




Press Release


A demonstrator for gas sensors in smartphones was already realised and shows excellent results.

Application potential

Gas sensors:

  • CO2
  • alcohol
  • volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • ozone
  • environmental gases (e.g.. NOX)

Particle sensors:

  • fine dust
  • allergenes

Further applications:

  • scent dosing
  • medicals (e.g. breath analysis)
  • micro pneumatic actuator for optical applications
  • haptic displays 



  • chipsize 7x7x1 mm3
  • stroke volume 120 nl

Since the middle of 2015:

  • chipsize 5x5x0,7 mm3
  • stroke volume 50 nl

In development:

  • chipsize 3,5x3,5x0,7 mm3
  • stroke volume 20 nl


  • cost reduction
  • volume reduction
  • improved dosing accuracy






Common realisation of new applications with a new actor component including


  • low manufacturing costs
  • miniaturized component size
  • low energy consumption