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B-Crimp for automotive applications

The Oberpfaffenhofen Trainings & Analytics center was integrated with the Fraunhofer EMFT effective on January 1st, 2017. Its branch is home to both the Micro-Mechatronics Center (MMZ) and the Center for Interconnection Technologies (ZVE). All topics relating to simulation, micro-mechatronics, interconnection technology, crimping, encapsulation and components are researched. Certified training in soldering is also provided.

The integration of electronic systems and micro-mechatronics also leads to fundamental changes in the application, namely the merging of form and function. Industry sectors like aeronautics and space travel, medical engineering and automotive technology are looking for light, functionally integrated, cost-efficient and highly reliable alternatives to conventional multicomponent parts, which are usually screwed, glued or plugged together (mechatronics).

Our research and development focuses on the following:

  • Cross-technology innovations for qualifying electronic systems.
  • Assembly of non-planar electronic and mechatronic systems.
  • Development of direct digital manufacturing (DDM), generative technologies, ink-jet printing processes and the corresponding analysis techniques.
  • Improvement of rework and repair processes for component and microsystem interconnection.
  • Application of non-solder joining techniques like crimping and press-fit connections.
  • Development of methods for time- and cost-saving in-situ monitoring of parameters critical in product qualification.
  • Analysis of modules and new components.
  • Specialized soldering processes (induction, plasma, selective and laser soldering).
  • Development of new qualification and reliability criteria, such as for condensing and electro-mobility.
  • Training in soldering according to certified standards (IPC; ESA, DVS, AZWV).
  • Further development of workshops (particularly in areas such as medical applications and solar technology) and continuing education courses in interconnection techniques.

Key Research Areas relating to Micromechatronics and PCB Technology

Please click here for detailed information on course at the Center for Interconnection Technologies ZVE.