Fraunhofer EMFT Microbiology Lab

Fraunhofer EMFT disposes über a microbiology lab with approval for handling micro-organisms upto risk group 2 (biological safety level 2).

Optical Spectroscopy

Spectral fluorimetry For qualitative and quantitative analysis of fluorescent samples and substances. Recording of excitation and fluorescence emission spectra as well as implementation of kinetic measurements. Ozone-free xenon light source, PMT detector photon counting from 185 nm upto 850 nm. 
UV/Vis-Spectroscopy Electrone absorption spectroscopy for qualitative and quantitative analysis or samples and substances. Recording of absorption spectra.


Transmitted light and phase contrast microscope  Transmitted light and phase contrast microscope with a microscope camera for image based presentation of colored and non-colored specimen. 
Epi-fluorescence microscope  Epi-fluorescence microscope for analysis of fluorescent specimen, stimulation vy LED light source upto  625 nm, emission filter blocks upto 740 nm, microscope camera and imaging software with the possibility for image documentation and analysis. 


Rotation-vacuum-concentrator Rapid and careful drying of various aqueous, acidic and solvent-based samples under rotation in vacuum. 

These technologies in a microbiology lab are available at Fraunhofer EMFT for your application topics. We look forward to hearing from you!

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