Invensas Corporation and Fraunhofer EMFT sign agreement 'wafer bonding for MEMS and 3D-Integration'. This agreement includes the implementation of ZiBond and DBI technologies in MEMS applications and expands Fraunhofer EMFT’s world-class MEMS manufacturing capabilities with the most advanced 3D-integration technologies available.

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SMARTPUMP - micropump for gas sensors in smartphones

The idea: A small micropump supplying the sensors within the mobile device with ambient air can reduce the sensor response time significantly and improve the measurement results.

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The recently funded ENIAC project THINGS2DO (Abbreviation for: „Thin but great Silicon to Design Objects“) aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem for the realization of such semiconductor components in Europe. The project will allow small and medium-sized companies as well as industry and research to combine, integrate and produce IP-components and system solutions based on advanced 28nm FDSOI Technology.

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Transistors with high-frequency capability

The fundamental idea of the MST Bayern project HRFET is to develop FET transistors which can be used in the GHz range and are extremely low-noise.

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The smallest micropump in the world

Scientists at Fraunhofer EMFT have implemented a powerful, extremely miniaturized micropump. The tiny pump made of silicon measures mere 5mm x 5mm x 0,6mm and shall in the future enable low-cost disposables for medical technology, for example.

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