Current and Voltage References

Current and voltage references are essential building blocks for nearly all System-on-Chips (SoC). They provide a well defined biasing with a specific temperature coefficient for a variety of IPs, including voltage regulators (LDOs), RF circuits, sensors or ADCs. In all cases a reference should offer specifically robustness towards supply and manufacturing variations. Depending on the application it requires other features like low noise, high precision or a low power dissipation.

Closeup of an integrated circuit
© Fraunhofer EMFT / Bernd Müller
Closeup of an integrated circuit

The Fraunhofer EMFT circuit design group specializes in the design of dedicated solutions to serve various requirements concerning current and voltage references , such as a traditional bandgap reference, or innovative architectures for sub-1V supply including MOS references. The IP development comprises the actual circuit with respect to interface conditions, but also a complete characterization and calibration options for superior performance.

These competences in designing current and voltage references are available at Fraunhofer EMFT for your application topics. We look forward to hearing from you!

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