Benefits for Employees

Living to work or working to live? We believe that a job not only has to fit to your profession, but also to how you want your life to be - and not the other way around! We aim to help you achieve your own individual goals with a career at Fraunhofer EMFT.

Wissenschaftlerin der Fraunhofer EMFT mit schimmerndem MEMS-Wafer
© Fraunhofer EMFT / Bernd Müller
Fraunhofer EMFT scientist with a shimmering MEMS wafer

What are the advantages of a job at Fraunhofer EMFT?

Turn visions into reality with us
Advanced training, continuous qualification, new education

We are proud that you are part of Fraunhofer EMFT. That is why we are particularly dedicated to accompanying you on the path of lifelong learning. We support you in pushing your career forward in a targeted way. By holding regular meetings and a constant dialogue, we work together to develop and realize your individual plans and aspirations for the future.

At Fraunhofer EMFT, we do not expect you to be perfect and flawless. We want to learn together with you and also develop ourselves further thanks to you. That is why we support you in transforming your willingness to learn into new knowledge and know-how by providing you with opportunities for professional and personal development. In addition to the day-to-day on-the-job training provided by your team, we offer you a wide range of learning opportunities in the form of courses and seminars.

We are not either or, we offer the best of both worlds - Hybrid of science & business

"I decided to do my thesis at Fraunhofer EMFT because here you have the opportunity to gain an insight into both research and business. This helps you a lot when deciding later in which direction you want to develop further", Eva-Maria Korek, Master's student at Fraunhofer EMFT.

With us, you don't have to choose between a career in science or in business. Because we do applied research, we combine both worlds. As a result, you gain work experience and skills in both the scientific and business fields, opening up all kinds of opportunities and doors for you.

We play to the rhythm of your life - Work-Life-Balance

At Fraunhofer EMFT, we know that you are more productive and motivated when you and your loved ones are doing well. That is why we promote flexibility, family-friendliness and balance in our institute and working environment. Our offers of flexible working time models, such as trust flexitime, home office and mobile working address the individual professional and family needs of our employees and thereby enable a work-life-balance.

Whatever your situation, we support you with a wide range of offers:

• You have children?

We support you with flexible working hours, flexitime and the possibility of home office / mobile working. In addition, our cooperation with pme Familienservice offers you a wide range of childcare, holiday programmes, seminars and coaching.

Even though the pme Familienservice website is not in English, they still have English-speaking contact persons and offer English-speaking support programmes.

• You take care of relatives?

We support you with flexible offers for part-time work, telecommuting or caregiver leave. And if your own resources are exhausted, you can also take advantage of the services offered by pme Familienservice.

Even though the pme Familienservice website is not in English, they still have English-speaking contact persons and offer English-speaking support programmes.

• You have pets?

If care is impossible and the possibilities of flexible working hours are not sufficient: our doors are also open for your four-legged companions.
Because we live by the motto: "The more the merrier."

Free space for you: Mobile Working

The best ideas don't necessarily come from inside the office. With our offers for home office or mobile work, you can also develop your potential outside of your workplace.

BeYOUtiful - Equal Opportunities & Diversity

Every person is different and that is how we can develop our full potential. Only if you remain true to yourself can we be successful together. Goals are achieved through team spirit, cohesion, openness and trust, and these are solely competences and not skin colours, sexual orientations, physical or mental limitations or genders.

Fair salary & variable performance bonus

We, the Fraunhofer EMFT, offer a fair salary within the framework of the TVöD and additionally a performance-related variable institute bonus.

• The TVöD

Fraunhofer EMFT belongs to public service, meaning our financial remuneration is based on the collective agreement for the public service (TVöD). A positive aspect is the associated transparency of salaries and the equality of all employees.

• The variable performance bonus

The variable profit-sharing bonus is calculated on the basis of the annual result of each individual institute. Depending on the value of the annual result, the profit-sharing bonus may therefore vary or not be paid at all.

• Who is entitled to the performance bonus?

All employees conducting scientific work under collective bargaining agreements and non-tariff agreements are entitled to the bonus, including those who are remunerated according to the W-pay-scale, as well as employees in science-related tasks.

Not a matter of taste, but something for everyone - Fraunhofer Canteen & Café

What promotes productivity and communication more than shared lunch and coffee breaks?
Right, nothing. That's why the Munich Food Lovers offer a varied and daily changing range of meals.

For the short coffee breaks in between, our cafeteria and coffee bars offer fresh coffee specialities, small snacks and sweets.

This is a great way to enjoy the breaks together!

& for all out-of-town eaters

In addition to our own canteen, there are numerous supermarkets as well as pubs and restaurants in the nearby vicinity, ranging from Italian to Bavarian beer garden to vegan!

Central, more central, Fraunhofer - The location of the Fraunhofer EMFT

Right in the middle instead of just somewhere in Munich!
Thanks to our location right in the heart of Munich and the associated optimal connection options, we are easily and quickly accessible by any means of transport.

Regardless of whether you want to use your own means of transport or public transport to get to work - we offer an underground car park, parking spaces for scooters and bicycles, and there is an underground stop and an S-Bahn station right next to the Fraunhofer EMFT.

Let's grow old together - Employer-funded occupational pension scheme

Since our employee benefits do not end when you retire, we support you on the long term.

We offer an attractive company-financed pension scheme, so you can also count on financial security in retirement.

We take care of you - Health care, social counselling & company doctor

For us, sustainability is not limited to the use of material resources, but above all to our employees and their well-being. Since your health is always of primary importance, we offer numerous services for your health care:

• Social Counselling

Through comprehensive and individual counselling, we support you in overcoming problems or dealing with stressful situations, professionally or privately, completely anonymously.

• Company doctor

For medical advice, our company doctor offers consultation hours by appointment. Here you can receive professional medical care including vaccinations and health promotion advice directly at the workplace.

• Health care

We offer ergonomic office equipment in order for you to feel as comfortable as possible at your workplace.

In good times and in bad times - Continued payment of wages in the event of illness

Continued payment of wages in the event of illness is regulated by law in Germany. So we also take care of you if you cannot work due to illness.

Better together - Decide together! - Our works council

The Fraunhofer EMFT works council is the representative body elected by the workforce.

The basis for its day-to-day work is the Works Constitution Act, which confers certain co-determination rights on the works council. As a kind of "fire insurance" for us employees, the task of the works council is to ensure that the laws, ordinances, regulations, contracts and agreements that apply in favour of employees are observed and implemented.

To guarantee this, the works council and the institute's management are in permanent dialogue with each other, which lays the foundation for performance as well as good and safe employment.

Discounts, advantages, concessions - Our corporate benefits

As part of our corporate benefits, we can score points through advantageous cooperations with external companies. Thanks to our numerous benefits, you can save money through product discounts in many areas of life.

From clothing and fashion, to electrical appliances and leasing offers, to festivals, musicals and holiday planning, there's sure to be just the right benefit for you!

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