Labs for Test and Analysis of Electronic Components and Systems at Fraunhofer EMFT

2-pin test system in the Fraunhofer EMFT test lab for electronic components and systems
© Fraunhofer EMFT / Bernd Müller
2-pin test system in the Fraunhofer EMFT test lab for electronic components and systems

Test Lab for Electronic Components and Systems

Half-automatic wafer prober upto 300 mm with thermochuck  
Semiconductor parameter analyzers   
Network analyzers in Megahertz domain upto  110 Gigahertz and simulator Agilent ADS  
Generation and measurement of high current pulses in Piko- and Nanosecond domain  
62 Gigahertz real time oscilloscope   
Electrostatic Discharge characterization and load (automatic 2-pin tester, CDM, HBM, TLP, VF-TLP, CC-TLP)   
Robustness measurement station for EOS/ESD  
Continuous bending tester for flexible and rigi-flexible setups  
High resolution x-ray tomography and laminography for components and circuit boards   
High resolution scanning electron microscope with EDX-analysis  

Analysis Lab for Electronic Modules and Components

ESA - Accepted Qualification Lab

- Qualification inspections and reliability tests of circuit boards, electronic modules and tools according to Norm1 

- Failure analysis and metallographic preparation with optical microscopes and x-ray inspection as well as REM/EDX

- Risk analysis and process optimization as well as development of test methods and devices 

Climatic chamber for humidity and heat Climatic testing: humidity-heat cyclic upto +95°C and 98 % r.H.
Climatic chamber with 2 testing chambers   
Climatic chamber for temperature changes 

Climatic testing: temperature changes upto  200°C and  10k/min

Climatic testing: rapic temperatur changes between  -80°C and 220°C

Drying chamber  
Push-pull material testing equipment with climatic chamber and video recording 

Schock testing upto  5,9 max. vector power and 4000 Hz

Combined temperature- and vibration testing 

Electrodynamic swing arm with triaxial clamping device  Vibration tesing: sinusoidal, wideband upto  2,93 max. vector power and 4000 Hz
Stereo- and direct light microscopes with bild analysis  
Confocal 3D laser scanning microscope   
High ressolution scanning electron microscope with EDX-Analysis  
X-ray inspection device with high performance CT Scan High resolution X-ray analysis with CT- testing 
High resolution DC voltage and  power source with high sampling rate  Electrical life cycle testing with automatic voltage and resistance measurement 
Teraohm- and Picoamperemeter  
Programmable high current lab power supply upto 1000 A  
Contamination measurement device   
Soldering bath with SPS control   

These technologies in labs for test an analysis of electronic components and systems are available at Fraunhofer EMFT for your application topics. We look forward to hearing from you!

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