Research Collaboration

Fraunhofer EMFT has a broad network in the German and European research landscape. In cooperation with other Fraunhofer Institutes, research organizations, universities and industry, innovative solutions are developed for many current challenges: From tomorrow's mobility to networked production and individualized healthcare. Thanks to its modern infrastructure and broad technological know-how, Fraunhofer EMFT is an attractive partner for development and innovation.


Leistungszentrum »Sichere intelligente Systeme« LZSiS




Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD)


Center for Electronic Interconnect Technologies ZVE (in German)


Munich Quantum Valley (MQV)


Bavarian Chip-Design-Center (BCDC)



Interested in a research cooperation?

We are happy about your interest in cooperating with Fraunhofer.

With our declaration concerning partnership principles with third parties we proactively and transparently want to position ourselve to relevant topics - have a look inside the following document and contact us for further steps concerning your project.

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