Invensas Corporation and Fraunhofer EMFT sign agreement 'wafer bonding for MEMS and 3D-Integration'. This agreement includes the implementation of ZiBond and DBI technologies in MEMS applications and expands Fraunhofer EMFT’s world-class MEMS manufacturing capabilities with the most advanced 3D-integration technologies available.

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Micropump for gas sensors in smartphones

The idea: A small micropump supplying the sensors within the mobile device with ambient air can reduce the sensor response time significantly and improve the measurement results.

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The recently funded ENIAC project THINGS2DO (Abbreviation for: „Thin but great Silicon to Design Objects“) aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem for the realization of such semiconductor components in Europe. The project will allow small and medium-sized companies as well as industry and research to combine, integrate and produce IP-components and system solutions based on advanced 28nm FDSOI Technology.

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Transistors with high-frequency capability

The fundamental idea of the MST Bayern project HRFET is to develop FET transistors which can be used in the GHz range and are extremely low-noise.

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Obituary - Gerhard Klink



It is not the years in your life
but the life in your years
that count in the long run.

(Adlai Stevenson)

On October 24, our longstanding staff member and colleague Mr. Gerhard Klink passed away after a brief but serious illness.

His early death comes as a shock to all of us and we are deeply saddened.

Mr. Klink joined the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in July 1987, taking charge of the Polytronic Technologies Group in 2007. In addition to his research work, he attached particular importance to scientific practice as well as maintaining good contacts with customers and cooperation partners. With his enormous sense of personal commitment and responsibility he was able to advance Fraunhofer EMFT’s topics, issues and projects, and his influence brought about many positive changes.

His open, cordial disposition, his professional expertise and his quiet, discerning manner made him highly respected and esteemed among colleagues. With the passing of Gerhard Klink we have lost not just a very dedicated business unit and group leader but also a much-valued colleague, individual and friend.

Our sympathies particularly go out to his wife, children and other family members at this time.

In deep sadness

Prof. Christoph Kutter on behalf of the Fraunhofer EMFT staff



Fraunhofer EMFT annual event - physical state


Save the Date - March 15, 2017 


The promising future of sensors in the Internet of Things


July 3 - 4, 2017 in Munich

The Yole Développement and Fraunhofer EMFT’s seminar.

Fraunhofer EMFT recieves ERC 2016 award


September 2016 

The group “Analysis and Test” at Fraunhofer EMFT was able to stand up to strong international competition, and won the 2016 grant of the US ESD Association’s Inc. Educational Research Counsel  of the for excellent industry-relevant research in the field of electrostatic discharge. Sponsors of the grant, amounting to 30.000 US$,  are the Cisco Corp, GlobalFoundries Corp. and the ESD Association. The work titled “Study of Critical Stress Factors in CDM and Alternative Contact Methods” was sponsored by, and analyzed e.g. modern CDM-sensitive components for multi-GBit/s communications.


360° tour

A virtual tour through laboratories and premises of Fraunhofer EMFT.


Annual Report 2015



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