New center for sustainable agriculture

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is planning a center for biogenic value creation and smart farming in Bavaria and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Fraunhofer EMFT will bring in its long-term competences in the field of sensor development, e.g. for detection of plant diseases and for enhancing food quality and security.

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Innovative sensor technology for cardiac monitoring

In the EU project SmartVista, researchers from Fraunhofer EMFT are contributing on the development of an autonomous, multimodal monitoring platform for vital signs. The system aims at being seamlessly integrated into the skin and helping to reduce the death rate from sudden cardiac death.

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Solar cells from the roll

A Fraunhofer research team is working on an innovative manufacturing process for solar modules.

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Early warning system for aquaplaning

Aquaplaning and black ice turn streets into dangerous slides, which often leads to serious accidents. Fraunhofer EMFT and Intel are working together within the framework of the high-performance center “secure intelligent systems” on a solution to the problem.

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Annual Report 2020


Meet the ESD-Experts from Fraunhofer EMFT

May 17-20, 2021

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Munich Quantum Valley (MQV) –Nucleus for the Second Quantum Revolution in Bavaria


360° tour

A virtual tour through laboratories and premises of Fraunhofer EMFT.


Corona: Safety at work

Find out what measures Fraunhofer EMFT has taken to protect its employees. 


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