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Safe on the road with ROADAR

Safe autonomous driving in any weather conditions: ROADAR provides reliable detection of water and ice on the road.

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Quantum Technologies

Micro- and nanotechnologies are important " bridging devices" to bring quantum computing from the Lab to the application.

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Measurement setup for an eight-channel ultrasonic transceiver chip

Ultrasound-based proximity sensors for human-machine interaction

Researchers at Fraunhofer EMFT are working on building a modularized MEMS technology and sensor platform for interactive, intelligent systems.

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Ekg. Blue sinusoidal pulse lines, monitor with heartbeat signal. Cardiogram pulsing, resuscitation hospital equipment healthcare vector technology background

Innovative sensor technology for cardiac monitoring

In the EU project SmartVista, researchers from Fraunhofer EMFT are contributing on the development of an autonomous, multimodal monitoring platform for vital signs. The system aims at being seamlessly integrated into the skin and helping to reduce the death rate from sudden cardiac death.

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Tandem leadership for Fraunhofer EMFT

Prof. Dr. Amelie Hagelauer is a new Director of EMFT since September, 1 and heads the research institution together with Prof. Dr. Christoph Kutter. 


Munich Quantum Valley (MQV) –Nucleus for the Second Quantum Revolution in Bavaria


Annual Report 2020


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