Fluid Control for Environmental Sensors

Fluid control for environmental sensors is just one way micropumps can support sensor systems. In addition to quick transport of ambient air to the sensor, it can compensate for sensor drift by supplying calibration gases.  Regeneration of the sensor membrane by bakeout can be supported with negative pressure. By defined pressure variation at the sensor, specific gas determination can be enabled for VOC gas sensors with AI assisted training. Furthermore, pressure drops at protective filters or supply lines can be overcome, or with the help of a preconcentrator technology also the ppb range can be developed. 

Fluid control for environmental sensors with the aid of micropumps
© Fraunhofer EMFT / Bernd Müller
Fluid control for environmental sensors with the aid of micropumps

Due to their high compression ratio and small actuator strokes, the miniaturized actuators can overcome high pressure differentials with minimal design and generate a precise suction flow. The high degree of miniaturization enables their use in fluid control for environmental sensors in mobile devices such as smartphones or wearables

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Video: Fraunhofer EMFT Silicon Micropump

Fraunhofer EMFT develops customized piezoelectric micropumps and their control electronics for the volumetric conveyance of gases and offers application-specific system integration of sensors and actuators as part of cooperation projects or on a direct contract basis.   

Unleash the potential of environmental sensors with Fraunhofer EMFT's expert fluid control solutions! We're excited to collaborate on your application topics. Contact us and let's innovate together!

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