CC-EAL 6 -certified Security Lab

Hardware Security
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Hardware Security
  • Physical and chemical preparation and opening of packaged IC's while maintaining the the electrical functionality
  • Mechanical-chemical preparation of IC's and packages on circuit boards, while maintaining the electrical functionality and integrity 
  • High resolution optical and scanning electron microscope images
  • Reverse preparation of IC's in single metal layers with high resolution full-surface chip scan
  • Layout extraction from chip scan images

High precision 5-axis-CNC-milling with integrated sensor for layer thickness
  • Mechanical preparation of circuits boards
  • Thinning ICs down to single-digit µm scale
  • Processing of single components on circuit boards while maintaining the electrical functionality
Infared (IR) laser system
  • Laser marking of components
  • Laser processing of components
  • Laser marking of trays as a batch process
"IntlVac Nanoquest I" ion beam etching system for homogeneous and high precision processing and ablation of single IC metall layers
  • Purely physical ablation or
  • Selective processing with reactive gases possible
  • Homogeneous beam diameter of 8cm for high homogeneity of large areas 
  • In-situ process monitoring by SIMS mass spectrometry
"Raith 150 Two" scanning electron microscope (SEM) for chip scanning
  • Resolution < 2nm/pixel
  • High-resolution imaging processes
  • High system stability enables extra long scans over several days
  • Conversion of single images to stitched layout formats
"Raith Velion" dual-beam FIB/SEM system for precise processing and modification of IC's
  • FIB diameters of components
  • Integrated EDX for element analysis
  • FIB sources: Si, Au
  • Working gases: Pt, XeF2
  • SEM for in-situ process control
  • Nanomanipulators for EBIC/EBAC measurements
Further equipment for processing and process control
  • High-resolution digital microscope Olympus DSX1000
  • Dry-chemical plasma etching system
  • High-precision chemical-mechanical polishing machine
  • High-resolution profilometer with sensor for thin layers
  • SEM with EDX for process control

These technologies in labs for test an analysis of electronic components and systems are available at Fraunhofer EMFT for your application topics. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Strategic Research Topic: Trusted Electronics


Competence Field: Analysis and Test of Electronical Components and Systems


Service Offering: Failure Analysis of Electronic Components and Systems