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Hardware Security
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Hardware Security
  • Physical and chemical preparation and opening of packaged IC's while maintaining the the electrical functionality
  • Mechanical-chemical preparation of IC's and packages on circuit boards, while maintaining the electrical functionality and integrity 
  • High resolution optical and scanning electron microscope images
  • Reverse preparation of IC's in single metal layers with high resolution full-surface chip scan
  • Layout extraction from chip scan images

High precision 5-axis-CNC-milling with integrated sensor for layer thickness
  • Mechanical preparation of circuits boards
  • Thinning ICs down to single-digit µm scale
  • Processing of single components on circuit boards while maintaining the electrical functionality
Infared (IR) laser system
  • Laser marking of components
  • Laser processing of components
  • Laser marking of trays as a batch process
"IntlVac Nanoquest I" ion beam etching system for homogeneous and high precision processing and ablation of single IC metall layers
  • Purely physical ablation or
  • Selective processing with reactive gases possible
  • Homogeneous beam diameter of 8cm for high homogeneity of large areas 
  • In-situ process monitoring by SIMS mass spectrometry
"Raith 150 Two" scanning electron microscope (SEM) for chip scanning
  • Resolution < 2nm/pixel
  • High-resolution imaging processes
  • High system stability enables extra long scans over several days
  • Conversion of single images to stitched layout formats
"Raith Velion" dual-beam FIB/SEM system for precise processing and modification of IC's
  • FIB diameters of components
  • Integrated EDX for element analysis
  • FIB sources: Si, Au
  • Working gases: Pt, XeF2
  • SEM for in-situ process control
  • Nanomanipulators for EBIC/EBAC measurements
Further equipment for processing and process control
  • High-resolution digital microscope Olympus DSX1000
  • Dry-chemical plasma etching system
  • High-precision chemical-mechanical polishing machine
  • High-resolution profilometer with sensor for thin layers
  • SEM with EDX for process control

These technologies CC-EAL6 certified lab is available at Fraunhofer EMFT for your application topics. We look forward to hearing from you!

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