Implantable Micropumps

Fraunhofer EMFT develops microfluidic actuators such as micropumps or microvalves for short- and long-term implantable applications. These include medication dosage for pain therapy, hormone dosage for the delivery of insulin/glucagon or the application of cytostatics in the fight against cancer. Furthermore, the implantable micropumps can deliver body fluids directly, as in glaucoma therapy, or be used as pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.

Titan valves for micropumps
© Fraunhofer EMFT / Bernd Müller
Titan valves for micropumps

We offer customized piezoelectrically driven microfuid actuators. The pumps or valves made of silicon, stainless steel or titanium with a size of a few mm2 to cm2 can be mounted in hermetic housings and offer many advantages.  Firstly, there is the advantage of an operating point customized to the target application. Moreover, the actuators feature high dosing accuracy, low energy consumption and high durability. Additionally, there are only few materials needed such as silicon, stainless steel or titanium.

These competences in the area of implantable micropumps are available at Fraunhofer EMFT for your application topics. We look forward to hearing from you!

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