Electrochemical Sensor Technology for Gases and Liquids

Gases and liquids can be analyzed very precisely by determining the physical properties of substances, but the corresponding measuring systems are usually very large and expensive.  Researchers at Fraunhofer EMFT are working on electrochemical sensor technology for enabling long-term stable and selectively sensitive amperometric, impedimetric and potentiometric measurements of chemical parameters in gases and liquids.

Electrochemical sensors on foil substrate
© Fraunhofer EMFT / Bernd Müller
Electrochemical sensors on foil substrate

The scientists at Fraunhofer EMFT have extensive experience in the development and production of sensor components and their coating. In addition, suitable evaluation electronics can be selected or optionally developed, depending on the application in question.

Transducer components are at the heart of electrochemical sensor technology. Fraunhofer EMFT possesses broad technological know-how in the manufacture of electrochemical transducers (electrodes) on silicon, glass and plastic films. Based on these components, compact and energy-efficient (bio)chemical sensors can be realized for a wide range of applications, including environmental monitoring, life sciences and quality control in production.

These competences in the area of electrochemical sensors are available at Fraunhofer EMFT for your application topics. We look forward to hearing from you!

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