Press briefing

Innovative implantable solutions with titanium micropumps

From patient-friendly cancer treatment to discrete yet efficient remedy for incontinence; miniaturized, bio-compatible micropumps offer great innovation potential for modern medical technology. Fraunhofer EMFT presents new components in its portfolio on the Compamed.

The silicon and metal micropump portfolio of Fraunhofer EMFT

The researchers at Fraunhofer Research Institution for Microsystems and Solid State Technologies EMFT in Munich have now expanded their technology portfolio of piezo electric driven micro diaphragm pumps and valves to include pumps made of biocompatible titanium, in addition to the materials silicon and stainless steel available so far.

The pumps and valves approximately the size of a coin (20 mm diameter) were developed especially for applications in the field of medical technology, in particular for implantable applications such as long-term drug delivery, or for hydraulic tasks like controlling an artificial sphincter. The pumps reach flow rates of max. 15 ml/min and pressures of max. 600 mmHg. The valves are available as an energy-efficient NC version (closed when de-energized) and as an NO version (open when de-energized). The wetted materials are solely grade 5 titanium and medical fluorelastomer (FKM).

These new titanium components round off the microdosing technology offering of the institution, which already comprises solutions for micro flow and dispensing control systems as well as pumps and valves.

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