Memristive Components

Electronic components allowing their resistance to be controlled and reversibly switched between two or more values (memristive components or memristors) can be deployed in various application areas. These include e.g. data processing and storage (non-volatile memory), novel low-energy computing architectures (neuromorphic electronics / AI), as well as in the area of hardware-based protection from unauthorized access to data, circuits etc. (PUF: Physically Unclonable Functions).

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Wafer with memristors

At Fraunhofer EMFT, various novel memristive components and devices are developed and tested. This includes especially thin-film architectures (MIM, metal-isolator-metal) from various metal layers and oxide dielectrics. Specific combination of materials and electrical preparation of the components ("forming") enable the adjustment of the switching behavior (analog vs. digital). This allows for high endurance values of >100 000 switching operations. Memristors can be manufactured in combination with suitable selectors in crossbar-arrays, and can thus be directly integrated to respective control and readout circuits.

These competences in the area of memristive components are available at Fraunhofer EMFT for your application topics. We look forward to hearing from you!

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