Project Moore4Medical: Technology platform for innovative medical devices

How can we succeed in counteracting incessantly rising costs in the healthcare system while at the same time ensuring patients receive the best possible care? Researchers from 66 companies, universities and institutes in 12 European countries are meeting this challenge in the joint project Moore4Medical.

Dosing chip, silicon micropump and flow sensor from Fraunhofer EMFT
© Fraunhofer EMFT/ Bernd Müller
Dosing chip, silicon micropump and flow sensor from Fraunhofer EMFT

By pooling their expertise, the partners aim to accelerate the development of innovative medical devices. The focus is on reducing the need for hospitalization, supporting personalized therapy, and implementing intelligent point-of-care diagnostic tools.

Fraunhofer EMFT is contributing its expertise in microdispensing systems and pump design to this project. One of the project’s aims is to create a chip box for growing cell cultures. An integrated micropump ensures a constant flow in the culture medium, thereby ensuring an optimum supply of nutrients to the cell cultures. The researchers are also collaborating on an autoinjector for monoclonal antibodies that will be used in the field of autoimmune diseases. The intelligent micropump control enables precise, active dosing of the medication.

The project is being funded under the ECSEL JU program in collaboration with the Horizon 2020 framework program run by the EU and national authorities under reference H2020-ECSEL-2019-IA-876190.



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