Design and Layout of Integrated Circuits (IC)

Today, semiconductor components are used in almost every technical device - from the intelligent control of smart household appliances and autonomous and intelligent vehicles to cell phones and networked machines in Industry 4.0 manufacturing. Within them, extensive functionalities are combined in a very small space. However, very specific applications with novel functional requirements, new fields of application, further miniaturization, better energy efficiency, lower manufacturing costs or higher reliability often require new and customized IC designs and layouts which are not available on the market in this form. Here Fraunhofer EMFT supports its customers in their search for an optimal system solution, a customized division between commercially available components and the development of customer-specific circuits.

IC Design and Layout
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IC Design and Layout

Fraunhofer EMFT develops customer specific circuits for novel sensor concepts in the fields of:

Further focal points of Fraunhofer EMFT development work in the area of IC design and layout are the conception and development of IP for RF frequency synthesis and SAR-ADC's with high clock rates.  For our development we use different technologies from our partners like XFAB and Globalfoundries.

The services of Fraunhofer EMFT include:

This offering in the area of IC Design and Layout is available at Fraunhofer EMFT for your application topics. We look forward to hearing from you!

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