New measuring technology for quality check of press-fit contacts

Press-fit technology provides an innovative connection method which, due to its high reliability and robustness, is particularly suitable for safety-relevant connection points. Another advantage is that the method is much more eco-friendly than the soldering technique most commonly used to date. A Fraunhofer EMFT research team is working on a predictive model that relates easily accessible material/process data to the reliability of press-fit contacts.

© Fraunhofer EMFT/ Bernd Müller
Analysis and simulation of the damage behavior of press-fit joints due to mechanical and thermal loads.

Electromobility is considered an important module for shaping individual transportation in a more climate-friendly and resource-saving way. Essential for acceptance are not only costs and driving comfort, but above all the safety aspect: Data and power transmission in the vehicle must work absolutely reliably. In particular, contact deterioration in press-fit contacts is a challenge for vehicle power transmission connection systems that is difficult to control.

As part of the ProPin project, Fraunhofer EMFT scientists are developing an innovative measurement technology to determine the quality of press-fit contacts under mechanical and thermal stress. A prediction model will be used to determine a relationship between easily accessible material/process data and the reliability of the connection. This project is intended to enable SMEs and start-ups to enter new fields of application by significantly reducing development and qualification efforts.

Fraunhofer EMFT will thus become the sole provider of a comprehensive method for predicting and validating the quality of press-fit joints. After completion of the project, the novel technology kmUs will be made available as a research service.

The project is funded internally by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

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